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And I want you to have that.


So my approach is to simplify personal growth, get you sustainable relief from chronic stress and make relational skill-building practical and affordable.  


Sound good?


Whole-brain strengthening | Relationship enhancement | Sustainable pattern change
| Long-term anxiety relief | Healthy Communication skills
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I believe that both personal and professional success depends on the quality of our relationships.


And since relationships involve individuals, your success really depends on getting you, your body and your brain coming together in a way that achieves mutual goals, communicates who you really are at core, while sensing and considering what the other person needs. This is Whole-Brain Relating and it's something we can all learn as adults.

 Hi, I'm Jen. And I'm not a stranger to high-functioning anxiety, relationship breakdown, perfectionism or self-doubt. For many years they all leaked power out of my life, while unbeknown to me, critical brain pathways were weakening. But I still managed to be a top performer in my healthcare career and stay perpetually busy in my non-work life as well. many of you may be experiencing... areas of my life started breaking down, I got tired of repeating patterns and I found myself searching for answers.


Jen Stover - founder the Human Infusion Project
Jen Stover - Neuroscience-based educator, neurophysical rehab specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner, founder - the Human Infusion Project


Both my husband and I spent a lot of money on different therapists and different healing approaches and modalities. And although we learned something from each and every one of them, including some real 'game-changing' communication skills, we also gravitated towards strategies that were supported by science and the practices that produced the most notable, sustainable and transferable gains. But at today's prices, we were also only going to therapy a few times a month. The market for personal development is definitely booming. And if you're someone who does have the resources to spend on more frequent therapy sessions, fantastic. There are a lot of highly competent clinicians out there who can guide you through some of the more complex life challenges and the deeper impacts of trauma. BUT....

I wanted to create something for everyone else -


Simplified, low-cost, personal-development education, tools and strategies that will inspire more people to either start the work of emotional development and relationship improvement... or optimize and accelerate the work they're already doing. 


Through the Human Infusion Project, I hope to serve not only as a value-driven resource and guide, but as a bridge between applied psychology, practical neuroscience, spiritual philosophy and you. 

‚ÄčWe need¬†more¬†people out there, thriving and enjoying their lives if we want see real, larger-scale, unifying social-environmental change. And it all happens through¬†relationship.

‚ÄčSo whether your single, married or partnering with someone long-term, we need you emotionally¬†re-centered,¬†reconnected¬†to yourself,¬†communicating¬†kindly and clearly and¬†comprehensively¬†using your¬†whole¬†brain. That way your relationships with others - whether it's socially, at home¬†or¬†at the office -¬†all¬†have more impact.¬†

 And I'm here to both get you started, as well as expedite your progress.

In our classes I show you how I learned to ...


  • Break¬†unwanted¬†relational or behavioral habits

  • Regulate¬†my emotional nervous system and make¬†sustainable,¬†lasting life change

  • Strengthen¬†and optimize the use of my¬†whole¬†brain

  • Begin¬†the work of¬†addiction¬†or¬†trauma recovery¬†‚Äč‚Äč

  • Face¬†and neutralize thought patterns¬†that¬†were working¬†against¬†my goals, and

  • Create¬†a life that¬†supports¬†both meaningful work¬†and¬†connected relationships.


And I love for you to experience that as well. 


Change and growth is hard.

But it's not always as complicated as we think it is.



Who is the Human Infusion Project for?

  • Busy professionals¬†who¬†want¬†to have friends and improve their love relationships, but¬†without sacrificing a career they love.
  • People interested in starting a new love relationship or rekindling a current one but¬†don't want to repeat old relationship patterns

  • People who are¬†genuinely¬†interested¬†in¬†getting relief from high-functioning anxiety,¬†and prefer¬†straight-forward,¬†relatable descriptions instead of¬†overly academic language.

  • Individuals working to get to the root of their chronic anxiety or stress,¬†but whose¬†financial resources¬†don't allow for the¬†weekly¬†benefits of therapy, or coaching.

  • New life coaches or practitioners¬†interested in getting a practical understanding¬†of the¬†science¬†behind cognitive behavioral psychology, attachment neurobiology and specific spiritual philosophy practices, so they can¬†guide clients to get more sustainable, transferrable results.

  • Seasoned clinicians¬†wanting to supplement their own practice¬†with a creative and simplified resource that¬†clients can learn from in between sessions.That way you can spend that therapy hour focused on what you do best!


The Human Infusion Project believes that

Everyone deserves a chance to create calm, confident and connected relationships. And access to deeply enriching mental wellness education should not be determined by geographic location or financial means. 


Come join us! 


Everyone in the¬†Human Infusion Project community¬†learns the simplified, practical, foundational aspects of pattern change, sustainable emotional nervous system regulation, whole-brain strengthening and relational growth ‚Äď all without needing to take expensive, high-level academic courses or being stressed out about more financial investment.

And by learning and practicing in between your therapy sessions, you'll get more out of the time and money that you do spend on it.

 Plus as a bonus, you’ll be helping others do the same.

Read more about our Wellness Assistance Grant here.



Jen Stover

Neuroscience-based online educator, neuro-physical rehab specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner, founder - the Human Infusion Project

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create the life they want. But often complex academic language and the rising costs of personal development block many people from getting the basic wellness education they need to do it. THE HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT is a value-driven educational resource that uses a functional blend of practical brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy to show you what it takes to break unwanted patterns, recalibrate your stress response system, strengthen your whole brain and reconnect to your core values. That way, you can create the integrated life that comprehensively reflects what it means to be YOU.

As a dedicated practitioner and ‘pattern bagger’ myself, my goal is for THE HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT to share affordable, practical knowledge in non-academic language, and offer my experience, education and perspective in ways that are useful in your own life. I make every presentation memorable by using conversational, relatable delivery, powerful images and actionable, thought-provoking content.

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BRAIN FUNCTION -What most people get wrong about Emotional Intelligence, what self-regulation actually means and which areas of the brain need strengthening to improve it

STRESS RESPONSE - What healthy stress response and trauma response look like in the body, how both can impact who we choose as partners, and how we can facilitate change

PATTERN FORMATIONHow unwanted thought and behavior patterns are created and perpetuated by the brain, where we can interrupt them, and how to introduce new patterns that improve your relationships 

THE CHANGE PROCESS -What it takes to fully access your whole brain and become more centered, confident and connected. And how to effectively showcase who you really are at heart through your work, skills and relationships

PRACTICAL STRATEGIES - throughout the course, using relatable, everyday examples, Jen provides useful tips and simple strategies that you can start implementing right away.

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Personal development is an individual pathway. But it helps to know that others have been where you are, and understand the struggle and the work it takes to make meaningful change. You are welcome here, regardless of income level or where you are in your self-development.

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