Stage 1 - Featured Course

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Each of my classes is designed as part of the Integrative Change Pathway. If you watch them in the recommended order, you'll have a deeper understanding of the material. Each subsequent class refers to knowledge gained in the previous class. So that's why I recommend a certain order. But feel free to watch whichever classes you can. I'm just happy you're here!

Stage 1- How to Get your Needs met in Healthy Ways 


This class continues your work in Stage 1 of the Integrative Change Pathway. We recommend you take this class after the Whole-Brain Relationships class.

Stage 2 - What's Stopping You? -

Discover the unconscious beliefs that may be limiting your potential

(for this class, contribute as you can afford)


This class begins our work in Stage 2. I recommend taking it after "Whole-Brain Relationships" and "How to Get your Needs met in Healthy Ways"

We're grateful to be able to offer this class with a sliding scale option of selecting how much you'd like to pay. No matter which price you choose, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. I trust that you'll support the Human Infusion Project at whatever level you can afford. As with all of our online classes, whatever you choose will be a direct donation to the Wellness Assistance Grant. And of course, if you're not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

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Stage 2 - Meditation for "Wiggly" People.


In this class, I introduce a powerful tool that will be highly beneficial in later Stage 3 classes. 

I'm hardly a meditation expert. I just remember when I first started, meditation was so foreign to me and just seemed overly 'woo', like something only reserved for highly spiritual people. So I was initially hesitant to even ask simple questions like...

  • Does it really matter how I sit? 
  • What's up with those hand and figure positions people use? What do they mean?
  • What about yoga? Can I do that instead?
  • and do I even begin? (I had such an active body and could hardly sit still for even a few minutes!) 

So this short class is simply my effort to make meditation approachable to anyone who believes "it's not for me". I mean, you may be right. But you may also discover that you can benefit from it even if you can only do it for a few minutes when you begin.  

Stage 2 - Discovering your Core Values - 

What's most important in your life?


In this 25 minute mini-class we take a look at and answer the following questions:

  • What exactly are Values and how are the different from Beliefs?
  • What's the difference between Values and Standards and how to do we utilize both in healthy ways?
  • And how do Boundaries fit into the equation? Are strict standards the same as having Boundaries?

Plus, you get a free 15 page workbook that walks you through identifying your 3 CORE Values so you can start using them in your life right away.

Stage 3 classes

(coming soon!)

This is where we'll take everything you've learned and discovered so far and and use it in an individualized process that will strengthen and integrate your brain, retrain your emotional response all while enhancing your relational skills along the way!